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Meet the Weed Wizard

Weed Wizard wants to help make your lawn healthier, greener, and more weed free. We have been maintaining lawns in central Kentucky since 1996 and would appreciate the opportunity to provide your lawn with the best of services.

Our program consists of 7 applications per year and we offer a 7% discount for the year in advance.

See our list of services below and let us know how we can help!

Weed Control & Prevention

Keep your lawn weed-free with our targeted solutions, preventing future growth for a picture-perfect landscape.

Lawn Fertilization

Feed your lawn the essential nutrients it craves for lush, green growth and a stronger defense against weeds and disease.


Thicken your lawn and fill in bare patches with our overseeding service, creating a uniform and vibrant carpet of green.

Crabgrass Control

Don't let crabgrass steal the show! Our targeted control methods eliminate this pesky weed, leaving your lawn healthy and crabgrass-free.


Improve air and water flow to your lawn's roots with our core aeration service, promoting healthy growth and a stronger defense against compaction.

Insect Control

Protect your lawn from damaging insects with our targeted control methods, ensuring a healthy and thriving landscape.

Tick Control

Keep your family and pets safe with our effective tick control service, creating a worry-free outdoor space.

Grub Control

Prevent grubs from destroying your lawn's roots with our targeted control methods, ensuring a healthy foundation for your green haven.

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